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Senseless Animal

Senseless Animal


You know, there’s a few verses I’ve read where the author compares himself to an animal, and I never really understood that. Well, now I feel like I kind of do.

I’m a creature of habit with little to no common sense. I’m just like Charley (or any of the horses) and the cows. The cows know the truck means they are about to be fed, so they come running. There are paths through the pastures that the cows walk every day without fail. They’ve always done it, and they always will. Charley feels safe in routines and  fights when I try to do something outside of the pattern. I like routines and responses that can be memorized. The problem with that is when You try to lead me, I fight You thinking I know better or get nervous and confused. Because I’m used to following  routine, it’s hard for me to follow You. Then I wonder why life gets hard.

But when I feel like my life is falling apart and I’ve followed routine rather than You, I’m still Yours. You continue to guide me so that I can bring you glory. It’s all because of Your love–Your sacrificial love–that a senseless animal like me can be changed through a relationship with You.

Katie Odell 2013


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