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He Could Kill Me


I grew up on a small farm where I was always around pigs, cows, and horses. I loved horses. I was one of the little girls who took horse back riding lessons and had posters of horses all over my room. I would take old magazines and cut out horses I thought were pretty and tape them on the wall next to my bed. My friends and I had stables full of imaginary horses. No, we didn’t have bikes…they were our noble steeds…if we recked it’s because our horse got spooked. Calm. Down.

Now I have a horse of my own, Charley, and I have millions of pictures of him. I could literally post pictures of him like new parents post of their children…except because he’s a horse and not a human child, it would be obnoxious…which is why I don’t do it….anyways…I’ve never been afraid of horses. Ever.

A few nights ago, I was out in the pasture after feeding the horses, and I was petting Charley. Suddenly I was hit with this crazy realization: he could literally kill me. His mere size would allow that. One of his back legs weighs more than I do. If he had minimal muscle, he could just fall over on top of me and not get up until I was dead. While he’s not the most in shape of creatures, he has muscles. You can see it when he runs or takes a shot at one of the other horses. There’s power there, not just size. I’ve had plenty of moments while riding of, “Wow, that could’ve ended in death,” but never just standing there with him. It was sobering. This huge animal could just kill me, and there he was just eating grass and letting me play with his mane and stroke his neck and grab his face. I might kill someone if they did that to me while I was trying to eat…just saying.

This moment sat in the back of my mind (those of you who know me know that everything sits in the back of my mind). I was driving down the road and it surfaced with this truth attached: God could kill us if He wanted to. He holds so much power. Many times over, I have wronged Him. Sometimes I push him away, I can be defiant, I yell at him, and really can just be quite difficult sometimes (I know, hard to imagine). Even after all my short comings and wrong doings, I’m still here. He has all that power, and He is so gentle with me. He can quiet oceans, but lets me yell at Him when I’m upset. He can make the walls of a city come crashing down (Joshua 6:20), but he lets me ride out my stubborn decision to shut Him out. He has all that power, and He is still so gentle with me. That is sobering.

Katie Odell 2014

Photo Credits: Lisaset Photography (Check her out on Facebook!)